Djunah's second album, "Femina Furens," is a visceral exploration of rage and healing. Lyrical and raw, the record fuses influences from formal poetry (John Donne, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Sylvia Plath) and heavy music (PJ Harvey, Hum, Neurosis). The album, whose title is Latin for "furious woman," is a reflection on diagnosis and continuing recovery with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD). Animals, chariots/sleighs, and mythological figures appear prominently on the album as a way of exploring themes of emotional regulation, power, and control — some of the core features of trauma disorders. 

Named one of the best metal records of 2023 by Bandcamp Daily, the album features artwork inspired by representations of the divine feminine in 1970s sci-fi metal art, particularly the work of French artist Philippe Caza for “Métal hurlant” (later republished in the US as “Heavy Metal" magazine).

Djunah's first album, "Ex Voto" was released in 2019. CVLT Nation called it "an angular Noise Rock escalator run on power and beauty." New Noise declared it "an instant classic, like we’ve got a new Melvins on our hands."