Djunah singer Donna Diane from the artwork for Femina Furens

"Femina Furens" makes 2023 Best Metal Albums list

Djunah singer Donna Diane from the Femina Furens album artwork

Djunah's 2023 release, "Femina Furens," has been recognized by Bandcamp as one of the best metal albums of the year.

Contributor Brad Sanders, host of Bandcamp’s “The Metal Show,” hails the record for “brilliantly captur[ing] the physicality and intimacy of Djunah’s live show.” He zeros in on singer-guitarist Donna Diane’s “incandescent rage” and “labyrinth of imagistic lyrics,” combining to produce Djunah’s “kinesthetic take on noise rock.”

Djunah's inclusion on the Bandcamp list highlights the critical acclaim the album has received, signifying the band’s ability to push boundaries and create a unique sound within the metal genre. A novel blend of metal and rock subgenres, "Femina Furens" suffuses elements of doom, noise, prog, and hardcore with songs that are also intensely melodic and soulful.

"Femina Furens" is available on Bandcamp ( and on Djunah’s website (

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