Djunah performs at Caterwaul 2024 with singer Donna Diane playing guitar and screaming

Djunah at Caterwaul 2024: Full schedule released!

Djunah singer-guitarist Donna Diane is set to return to this year’s Caterwaul, May 24-27, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This year’s set features a solo performance by Diane, 7:30 pm on Monday, May 27, at Palmer's Bar.

Djunah performs on stage at Caterwaul 2022 featuring singer Donna Diane playing guitar
Djunah at Caterwaul 2022. Photo by Oscar Moreno

Unfolding over four days, across stages at two iconic venues in Minneapolis, this year's Caterwaul boasts dozens of artists representing the full spectrum of "independent-minded, iconoclastic, noisy music," in the organizers' words.

Scheduled for May 24-27 at Minneapolis institutions Palmer's Bar and Mortimer's Bar, Caterwaul is fast becoming the epicenter of its own scene – a mix of the old and new, the known and unknown, not limited to any one specific genre but dedicated to uniting all people on the noisy, eccentric side of the fence. The festival, now in its third year, is sponsored by Three Floyds Brewing.

Some of the many highlights of the 2024 lineup include: Brainiac, Oxbow, Whores., Part Chimp, J. Robbins Band, Couch Slut, Gaswar, Ganser, Thrones, and CNTS. Newly added to the lineup is powertakeOff.

Beyond the stellar curation, Caterwaul has come to represent a cooperative, familial spirit within the underground. Through their decades of work in the trenches of independent music, serving in the roles of musician, label owner, show booker, podcaster, and more, Caterwaul founders Conan Neutron (Seismic Wave Entertainment), Rainer Fronz (Learning Curve Records), and Melanie Thomas are deeply tied to the artists and fans whom Caterwaul pulls together.

Caterwaul 2024 schedule for Monday May 27 featuring Djunah
Caterwaul logo by Whitney Does

A recent statement from the trio proclaims: "With Caterwaul we make a promise to showcase the paragons of the weird, whilst also prioritizing the community spirit that holds us all together. We are working harder than ever to make sure that our 2024 version will top the previous editions. Count on it."

4-day passes and single-day tickets can be purchased at Ticketstripe

The updated schedule is as follows:

Friday, May 24 @ Mortimer's

12:30 am - Murf

11:45 pm- Heet Deth

11:00 pm - Chief Tail

10:15 pm - Shovel

9:30 pm - Pretty Please

8:45 pm - The Kronk Men

8:00 pm - DUG


Saturday, May 25 @ Mortimer's

1:15 am - The Art Gray Noizz Quintet

12:15 am - Neckbolt

11:30 pm - Facet

10:45 pm - Bronson Arm

Saturday, May 25 @ Palmer's

9:15 pm - Oxbow

8:15 pm - Part Chimp

7:25 pm - Ganser

6:40 pm - Thrones

5:45 pm - Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends

5:00 pm - Lords and Lady Kevin (LALK)

4:15 pm - powertakeOff

3:30 pm - DEAD

2:45 pm - Isolation Tank Ensemble

2:00 pm - Asbestos Worker


Sunday, May 26 @ Mortimer's

1:15 am - Couch Slut

12:30 am - Cougars

11:30 pm - Primitive Broadcast Service


9:45 pm - Vestments


Sunday, May 26 @ Palmer's

8:15 pm - J. Robbins Band

7:15 pm - Gaswar

6:30 pm - The Triceratops

5:45 pm - Zach Dracula

5:00 pm - Almanac Man

4:15 pm - Flooding

3:30 pm - Porcelain

2:45 pm - Another Heaven


Monday, May 27 @ Palmer's

9:15 pm - Brainiac

8:15 pm - Whores.

7:30 pm - Djunah

6:45 pm - CNTS

6:00 pm - The Austerity Program

5:15 pm - Scrunchies

4:30 pm - Gay Witch Abortion

3:45 pm - Intercourse

3:00 pm - Quits

2:15 pm - In Lieu

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